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Thermal Imaging

WHAT IS THERMAL IMAGING? Thermal imaging is a low cost, effective method of protecting your business’s assets and giving you peace of mind. It is an essential part of every commercial and industrial business’s preventative maintenance plan. Specialised and highly sensitive equipment is used by a skilled technician to identify equipment faults that are not visible to the naked eye. The thermal images are accurate to one tenth of a degree and will show if any components such as electrical switches are too hot. While electrical problems are often the primary focus of Thermal imaging, it can also be used to check mechanical equipment to determine if it is running too hot – bearings, for example. At the other end of the scale, Thermal imaging can detect cold air loss in refrigeration systems. Thermal imaging is a non-intrusive preventative maintenance activity that can be, and is best done, when your business is in full operation.


WHY IS THERMAL IMAGING IMPORTANT? A Thermal imaging inspection is a very effective way of highlighting deficiencies in equipment that would not otherwise be apparent. It can pinpoint the exact location of faults and allow componentry to be replaced before a problem occurs. Without this service, unidentified equipment faults can lead to equipment failure, loss in electricity supply or electrical fire. It is often recommended by insurance companies that Thermal imaging is undertaken on an annual basis to reduce risk. Thermal imaging should be one of the critical maintenance tasks carried out on a regular basis across your facilities to ensure up to date assessment of the safety and efficiency of your business’s equipment.


HOW DOES THERMAL IMAGING HELP YOUR BUSINESS? An example of thermography at work: This switchboard is located in a tenancy and is a perfect example of why property managers & owners should consider Thermography as a useful tool not just for checking electrical infrastructure, but for many other applications whereby the naked eye needs extra help.


RCD Testing

Where an imbalance occurs, it is possible for the current to flow through a person touching the faulty appliance causing an electric shock. It is imperative therefore that the RCD trips and trips within the required time. You should ensure that you conduct regular RCDs testing in accordance with your industries and state based regulations.

Usually electrical shocks occur from faulty appliances and leakages in the power circuit, which is why electrical testing and tagging in conjunction with an RCD testing is such a valuable precautionary process.

In addition to regular testing and tagging, RCD’s help to further minimise the risk of injury or death from an electrical shock. This makes RCD testing really important part of ensuring electrical safety in the work place or domestic premises.

Reliable RCD Testing Services

BLC Electrics can make sure your RCD is in proper working order, so that should any electrical accidents occur, you have done all you can to reduce the potential of injury or death.

It is imperative that RCD’s are checked on a regular basis with professional RCD testing, to ensure they are in proper working order as prescribed in AS/NZS 3760:2010.

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