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Test & Tagging

Electrical safety isn’t a service to be taken lightly. Regular appliance testing and tagging is the only way to ensure you minimise the risk of injury or death by electrocution at your workplace.

Workplace safety includes all the tools, appliances and electrical leads in your workplace– items you use every day that when not working properly, have the potential to electrocute unsuspecting users.

BLC Electircs can come to your business and undertake a full inspection and test of all appliances to ensure they are fully compliant with safety standards, helping you to discharge your duty of care for OH&S regulations and, more importantly, provide a safe place for your employees and your customers.


Our advanced electrical safety equipment enables us to perform portable appliance testing so that we can come into any workplace and undertake electrical testing on any appliance, no matter where it is located or how sophisticated the appliance or machinery is.

At BLC Electrics, our entire team are professionally qualified and experienced in electrical safety to give you the confidence that your workplace is as safe as it possibly can be.

Many of our clients organise regular test and tagging services simply because it is easier and safer.

A regular program of testing and tagging comprises:
•A visual check to ensure no obvious problems
•A series of electrical tests to ensure the safety of the item
•Tagging of the equipment to indicate to users that the item has been identified as safe in accordance with AS/NZS 3760:2010 and when the item is due to be tested again
•Provision of a Detailed Asset Register and Log Book

On site service

BLC Electrics will send an electrician out to your home or business premises in a timely manner. We will carry out all work efficiently with the highest regard to your privacy and minimal disruption to your day.

Our company has been established for 20 years and we employ A grade electrician's and apprentices. We are a steady growing company with a sound background. BLC Electrics carries out all forms of electrical installation and maintenance work. We specialize in the industrial and commercial fields, carrying out installation and maintenance projects for various companies.